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BR30 FLOOD LIGHTS (85w equiv / 1100 lumens) 13 watts

BR30 FLOOD LIGHTS (85w equiv / 1100 lumens) 13 watts

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Cledos BR30's are ideal for rooms with ceiling over 8 feet.

Featuring a high lumens (brightness) of 1100 lumens. Most sought BR30's on the market offering 85lm/w with high color rendering LED technology. Most BR30's on the market are equivalent to a 65w traditional bulb but Cledos is equivalent to 85w.

Brighten up your room with either a warm white or cool white color by installing this 13 Watt bulb in track lights or recessed cans.

Essential in hospitality and restaurants as it illuminates faces, food, fabrics, and furniture in a more vibrant and natural spectrum

  • Features airLED technology for cooler running and longer lasting lamps compared to average 65-Watt or in Cledos case 85-Watt incandescent bulbs
  • No hassle dimming
  • Able to be used in damp locations